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Welcome to BLM Consulting

Bottom Line Management. Its what we are all about. Whether you are looking to increase productivity, reduce expense, increase margins or expand markets we are there to help.

Our group of seasoned experienced senior professionals bring many years of experience to the table. Most likely, if you are thinking about it, we have already done it!!!

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Our main approach is:
1 Analysis. We will do an in-depth analysis of what you need. If we can't help we'll tell you.
2 Planning. We will create a plan detailing exact expected results, timeline and costs for your approval.
3 Execution. We will implement according to plan to produce desired results.
Company Profile

Bottom Line Consulting LLC is committed to find the right solution for our clients' manufacturing and management problems. The best solutions come from defining the requirements, the correct technologies, planning, implementation and understanding the costs. We provide product and process development, operational analysis, management and management consulting services which are designed to optimize our clients' profitability.

Brief Description of Services

BLM approaches every aspect of your business with innovative ideas combined with tried and proven principles of management. Our sound business practices can be applied to every facet of your operation. In addition to improving your bottom line, we offer solutions to meet your specific needs.

We can design, engineer, and construct a totally new manufacturing facility, a new production line, a single piece of equipment, or recommend the best commercially available equipment to meet your specific requirements.
In addition to over 150 years of hands on manufacturing and management experience, we have associates with degrees in Management Science, Masters Degree in Dairy science. and Ph.D.'s in Chemical Engineering and Polymer Science. Our Manufacturing Management program includes:
  1. Forecasting: Balancing sales and inventories with production and warehousing.
  2. Labor Cost Reduction: Eliminate production peaks and valleys; thereby, reducing excess labor in all areas of manufacturing.
  3. Downtime: Identifying these causes of downtime, short production runs, excess labor costs, high scrap rates, poor asset and capital utilization.
  4. Facilities Evaluation: Comparing your manufacturing facility, production equipment and manufacturing technologies to the latest state of the art available today, while developing a plan for the future.
  5. Design, build and install complete production lines or complete plants; we have complete Turnkey capability


In addition to improving your bottom line, we have financial resources available for acquisitions, expansions, retooling and working capital.

Areas of expertise

  1. Dairy, Soft Drink, Water, and Food processing and packaging
  2. Plastic Injection and Blow Molding
  3. Metal fabrication
  4. Assembly line production
  5. Operational Efficiency
  6. Banking and Finance
  7. Information Technology
Our Goal

Our goal is to lower your operating costs, thus increasing profits through the implementation of proper manufacturing management and logistical procedures specially designed around your products.

BLM is a hands-on leader ensuring the effective execution of simultaneous projects without compromising quality, timeliness or functionality. We can transform organizations within high pressure environments. We can build upon the input of sales, marketing, operations and financial teams to create powerful solutions.

BLM Consulting
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