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Welcome to BLM Consulting

Bottom Line Management. Its what we are all about. Whether you are looking to increase productivity, reduce expense, increase margins or expand markets we are there to help.

Our group of seasoned experienced senior professionals bring many years of experience to the table. Most likely, if you are thinking about it, we have already done it!!!

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Our main approach is:
1 Analysis. We will do an in-depth analysis of what you need. If we can't help we'll tell you.
2 Planning. We will create a plan detailing exact expected results, timeline and costs for your approval.
3 Execution. We will implement according to plan to produce desired results.

BLM was created to assist companies that purchase plastic molded bottles or containers, on ways to lower their manufacturing costs. Over the last 35 years, our experienced team members have provided the know how and technology to help clients produce their own containers and caps, resulting in significant savings to the "Bottom Line".

No matter what your company manufactures, it can be anything from Aero- Space Equipment to Ice Cream the principals of sound and cost effective manufacturing are the same. Your production process requires so much support in front of and after completion and everything else is excess and should be eliminated. BLM can quickly indentify those excesses and train your management team how to keep labor cost per unit and units per man hour at the proper and profitable levels.

Strategic Planning

Our team of seasoned professionals can provide a complete and comprehensive analyses for manufacturing and distribution to clients that will:
  • Reduce operational and overhead costs
  • Meet increased demand
  • Improve customer turn-around
  • Improve workflow
  • Eliminate costly peaks and valleys which affect production costs, warehousing and labor utilization.

The analysis phase of your operation will take from two to three weeks at your location, and will provide a documented audit of current conditions. The audit will identify opportunities for improvements both to direct and indirect We can also perform an in-depth analysis of you distribution costs to include fleet maintenance, purchasing, route and customer P&L's, to insure that you have the lowest effective delivery cost.

Consolidation / Expansion / Relocation Studies

We will provide you with an operational assessment, including an ROI analysis for expansion, consolidation and relocation. BLM will then develop a uniquely tailored program for your individual company to address needed improvements. Our team of professionals will work side by side with your team to implement your approved, customized program.

Manufacturing Services
Facility Engineering Planning and Design

Our services begin at the conceptual stage and carry through detailed design, design / build documentation, and complete turnkey project management. Most importantly, we provide a timeline of development for and master plan to achieve a realistic and attainable goal.

Strategic Master Planning

Comprehensive process documentation and analysis goals:
  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Expand / consolidate locations
  • Implement proper manufacturing techniques
  • Conduct workflow analyses
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