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Bottom Line Management. Its what we are all about. Whether you are looking to increase productivity, reduce expense, increase margins or expand markets we are there to help.

Our group of seasoned experienced senior professionals bring many years of experience to the table. Most likely, if you are thinking about it, we have already done it!!!

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Our main approach is:
1 Analysis. We will do an in-depth analysis of what you need. If we can't help we'll tell you.
2 Planning. We will create a plan detailing exact expected results, timeline and costs for your approval.
3 Execution. We will implement according to plan to produce desired results.
About Us

Your business is undergoing change. In addition to changes you are making to your business, unprecedented factors from external forces are driving change in your business.

The vast majority of small, medium, and large businesses - especially those that are very capital and labor intensive - have put their future plans on hold due to the uncertainty caused by the current business and political climate. The unknown impact of the economy, changing tax structures, and health care plans are causing great concern in the business world. Most likely, you are holding on to your capital reserves, as you should. We can help you navigate a path through these troubled times.

Our mission is simple... to assist our clients in reducing overhead and operational expenses to offset these new cost increases brought on by the current environment.

Bottom Line Management (BLM) is made up of four principals and four Associates, the principals have a combined total of over 150 years of top level executive management experience in manufacturing, transportation, operations, information technology and banking. We have worked for Fortune 500 companies as well as small family owned companies. Our experiences range from building manufacturing plants from the ground up, installing processing or fabrication equipment, staffing and training operating personnel, profitability enhancement, corporate restructuring, and acquisitions for clients around the world.

Each and every one of our Associates has a minimum of 25 years of experience in top level executive positions. Ranging from PhD level Engineers to CEO's of small businesses, we have it all. We've been there and we have done it!

We will perform an in-depth analysis of your operation and present a detailed plan for reducing your overall operating cost. Our analysis will cover every aspect of your operation. We audit all labor costs (both direct and in-direct), product yield, equipment utilization, distribution, transportation. At the completion of our analysis we will be able to project the Bottom Line savings that your company can achieve through the implementation of tried and proven management tools that will enable your operational personnel to control and monitor costs on a daily or even an hourly bases.

Working together we can neutralize the financial impact of the current business environment, increase your capital reserves and profitability, and prepare your company for the current planned tax increases.

Unlike the big consulting firms carrying excessive overhead costs, we are very competitive and affordable. We will add value to your organization at a value price.

A phone call is a cheap investment. Why not give us a call and see if we can help

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